Kieron and His Illustrative Career Choices

Kieron Dyer makes a change this year from the last role he was playing, that of coach for the under 18s of Ipswich Town. He is now looking forward to managing his career being at the top level in a managerial role. He has been an icon for Ipswich Town, having graduated from this academy and played 100 and more times for the Blues team. He then made his move to Newcastle United and continued playing a long career for Premier League seasons.

In the year 2014, he returned to coach the youngsters and it was a fitting tribute to the club from where his career started. The recent years have not had the Blues team performing well, especially when the team suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the Suffolk club and Manchester United. The club has now relegated to a bottom position with a mere collection of 27 points. However, their record over the years has remained a positive one for the Premier League.

Indeed, prized assets of the club included players like Kieron Dyer and Mauricio Taricco. Dyer was considered a homegrown talent. There are several stories of him being the town’s icon, especially the donation he made of 20,000 pounds that were mentioned in the autobiography of Michael Owen. Kieron Dyer has published a book and proceeds of the same were given to a charitable organization at Suffolk. This generous act of his is often mentioned and is a well-known fact among Ipswich natives.

The forward has a bright future ahead of him. Though he has given up his role as a tennis coach for the town’s academy, he is set to be a manager for a Premier League team. With his generous acts and having mentored many young talents, he definitely has made the right choices of career transitions from the field to coach position and now to a managerial role.