Ipswich Town has only been able to claim 6 victories

Since the start of 2015, Ipswich Town has only been able to claim 6 victories in the English League Championship and this is a very low amount of triumph taking into consideration that they have played 15 matches with their latest game ending in a 1-0 victory for Ipswich Town after defeating Watford.

The club which is being guided by Mick McCarthy has experienced a dip in form that has seen Ipswich Town go from the 2nd spot of the English League Championship to the 6th position.

Before deciding to retire and hang up his boots, Kieron Dyer spent over 3 years performing with the jersey of Ipswich Town and he has even turned into the coach of the Under-16 squad.

Kieron Dyer believes that the fans of Ipswich Town are being too negative about the recent dip in form that the club has been going through and this negativity does not benefit anyone, the former midfielder has urged the supporters of the team to change their state of mind and everyone needs to continue sticking behind the club even with their recent string of underwhelming results.

The former midfielder of Ipswich Town, Kieron Dyer said: “For a while everything just seemed so negative; the fans, the media, everyone’’

“I was driving home from London last Tuesday night and listening to the radio after the 1-0 win against Bolton. You’d have thought we were bottom of the league hearing some of the comments. It’s the same when I pick up the paper and see these survey pages.“There’s still a fantastic opportunity and I think everyone needs to be behind the team.”

The next match of Ipswich Town will be a tough one as they face off with the table toppers Bournemouth and with only 7 matches remaining until the end of the season; every point makes a difference especially in this stage of the season.

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