Ipswich Town expects to have High Quality Players, says Kieron Dyer

Former Newcastle United midfielder Kieron Dyer says that he is already seeing promising signs that Ipswich Town will be able to produce a number of high quality players in the next few years.

The Championship outfit have been attempting to return to the Premier League for a few seasons. Those attempts have not ended in success.

This time around, things have been different aspect club have been able to maintain their position near the top of the table even as the season approaches Christmas. Ipswich have lost only three matches so far this campaign and they are only four points behind table leaders Derby County.

Dyer says that it has also been good news in terms of the youth academy at the club. The former England international has taken up a coaching career after his earlier retirement due to injuries. He is currently in charge of the youth teams at Ipswich Town. It is widely expected that he will make the grade as a manager once he completes his coaching badges. Dyer was once regarded as a player capable of making it big especially at international level. A player with a lot of talent, he says that the Ipswich youth academy has a number of promising players who could make the grade in the next five years.

“I can see a golden era of young players coming through at Ipswich in the next few years.I see these young boys almost every day, especially the under-14s, 15s, 16s. I thought I had ability at their age, but I’m telling you there are kids there with more talent than I ever had when I was as old as them. Many of them have huge potential.In the next four or five years I can honestly see a conveyor-belt of talent coming out of the Ipswich academy. There are so many good players there,” said the 35-year-old.

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