Dyer regrets on Robson

Kieron Dyer said that the biggest regret of his career was to allow Bobby Robson to be sacked at Newcastle United.

He admitted that he had a great relationship with the Newcastle coach at this time and he said that he was wrong to get him sacked.

He stated that Sir Bobby Robson was always good to him and that they had a good working relationship. He said that the manager always seeks to protect him when he was not playing well and attacked by the media, but he feels that he was the culprit for letting him being sacked by the club.

Kieron Dyer said that he refused to follow the manager’s instructions to play in a particular position on the field and this is what caused a problem between him and the manager. He said that once he agreed to play, he did not give his best and ultimately he became the target of the media and the fans.

Instead of blaming him, Bobby Robson protected him and shielded him from negative comments. For Kieron Dyer, this is what caused Robson to be sacked as the manager of the team, and he feels that he could have helped the manager by playing better.

Kieron Dyer said that Sir Bobby Robson was the best manager that he has ever worked with and that he was great at managing people. He admitted that Sir Bobby Robson was not a great manager when it comes to tactics but he knows how to get the most out of his players.

For Kieron Dyer, this was the main reason why Newcastle United was able to challenge for European places at his time, and they were always getting great results against the better sides. He said that his only regret was not to help the manager keep his job.

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