MesutOzil believes that he is too selfless and he wants to change this

Arsenal’s MesutOzil is convinced that in order to win more titles not only for his country or for his club but also for himself, he will have to become more selfish and start scoring goals instead of passing them to his teammates.

The German midfielder was asked about the possibility of him winning major titles including the Ballon d’Or and MesutOzil responded by saying that he can achieve it but in order for this to happen he needs to score more goals and think more of himself instead of being so selfless.

Ozil’s aim is to score more goals than he has ever scored in his playing career. The 26 year old midfielder took a chance to voice his aspirations for this new season as MesutOzil talked in a press conference and he said:“I want to score more goals than in the last two seasons and that’s my aim for this season. My aim is to help the team and I’ll do all I can to achieve that. In truth I’m more the sort of player who doesn’t really go for goal, I tend to look for my team-mates and think: ‘Can I play this pass?. I want to improve this. To achieve it, I have to be a bit more egotistical’’

MesutOzil is one of the star players of Arsenal and who has more pressure of guiding the attacking department of the Premier League club which he is certainly more than capable of doing but when it comes to winning the Ballon d’Or, this is a much more difficult task to accomplish as Lionel Messi and C.Ronaldo have been playing sublime for the past few seasons and it has allowed them on lifting the individual award with no one else coming close of taking it away.

The farthest that MesutOzil reached to win the Ballon d’Or title was back in 2011 when he was ranked in the 11th spot which has been his best placement but he has slipped ever since then as Ozil couldn’t even make it in the 23 man short-list of last year.

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