Former Newcastle United footballer Kieron Dyer has revealed that Leeds United tried to sign him on a number of occasions, but he has always rejected them in order to stay at Newcastle. Dyer was also subjected to transfer interest from Leeds even before he had moved to Newcastle.

Regarded as one of the best footballers in England, Dyer was the talk of the country during the early 2000’s. Leeds tried to sign him back in 1999 by paying as much as £ 15 million, but Newcastle were not ready to sell him. There was even talk of a then-British transfer record fee of £ 20 million exchanging hands.

Newcastle, however, managed to retain the services of Dyer. Leeds then managed to slip consistently down the divisions in an incredible turn of fate. The two clubs will be meeting against each other in the fourth round of the Capital one cup. Ahead of the match, Dyer said that there was a lot of rivalry between the two clubs. He also produced his best when playing against Leeds despite the opposition fans giving him a lot of stick.

In the latest match between the two clubs, Dyer expects a close encounter. He, however, says that Newcastle will manage to get better out of Leeds.

“There was always something about me and Leeds! There was always plenty of spice. Leeds tried to sign me at the same time as Newcastle. That made it a game I really relished. I remember we signed Jonathan Woodgate from Leeds and I said it was about time he joined a ‘real club’. The Leeds fans went mad at the time. I received plenty of stick when I went to Elland Road. They were my favourite team to play against. I always did well against them,” said Dyer.

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