Kieron’s Big Hearted Deed For Charity

Kieron Dyer is definitely making news after he had retired from the world of football. He is still considered a star of the football world for which he appeared in the reality show ITV.

Kieron performed a deed which has caught the attention of his fans. The deed is surprising and it reveals more about his background. He donated all the proceedings that he earned from the TV show to charitable causes.

The deed reflected something of his background for sure. Not many know that Kieron had a brother who died at birth. Since then, Kieron, after achieving success, has donated to charities that work towards helping families who have still born children.

Kieron’s dad even commented on this feat, stating that it is a painful memory for the full family, including Kieron. His family is definitely proud of the move that Kieron has made. The fee for the show is supposed to be around a hundred thousand pounds. All the money is being given to a charity that will help families who need financial help and support for coping with tragedies like still born children.

Kieron lost his brother who was born still at the time when Kieron was seven. Since he became famous Kieron has been helping charitable causes since. Kieron has former fame as a football star of England. Now of 36 years of age, he has retired from the world of football two years ago. The fee that he earned is being committed to be Jude Brady Foundation in Suffolk. He is a patron of this charitable institution. This charity works towards helping families and raising awareness about neonatal fatalities and how they can be avoided. The founder of the institution was shocked and awed to hear about the news. It is said that Kieron has done similar deeds that might not have come into the media or limelight.

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