Kieron Dyer About Dimitri Payet

Dimitri Payet is in the news in West Ham as per Kieron Dyer.

He would know, being an expert on football players and providing his expertise in the world of this sport. He has been talking about Dimitri Payet and his contribution to West Ham. Indeed, with the new season beginning and most clubs revisiting the player ranks, the West Ham club would definitely be looking at retaining this player and offering him a new position on the club and renewing his contract.

Dmitri Payet is one of the players who have proved his worth in Euro 2016. This tournament will definitely work to seal the fate of several players, especially those who have played well. Dimitri is one such player who has starred for the team of France and helped to score twice which is a good performance. Being a winger of Hammers and spent four seasons with the club, this player did not have a good time as he was plagued by injuries several times.

The club itself suffered relegation last season, but Payet and his arrival last season from Marseille have seen him become a hero. Last season worked well for him and concluded with his good performance at a major league. This was his debut in a major tournament and the form that he showed in Euro 2016 has even attracted the attention of clubs like Real Madrid. West Ham is definitely looking forward to retaining him this season. His five year contract will continue till 2021. Payet is definitely on his way to becoming a world class player and it is best that he is given a new contract to work with. The Hammers would be playing the Europa League and that would certainly give him chances to improve and test his skills on the ground.

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