Former England and Newcastle United midfielder Kieron Dyer has finally announced his retirement from football after several years of struggling with injury problems. Dyer was once regarded as one of the finest midfielders in the England squad.

His explosive pace coupled with incredible quality meant that he was closer to becoming one of the best in the world. However, his explosive pace also caused him a lot of problems on the injury front. He has suffered numerous injury problems –primarily related to his hamstring – in the last five years.

As a result, he has been slowly climbing down the football ladder. He has now brought his 17-year-old football career to an end after failing to find a new club following his departure from QPR.

During this period, he has also featured 33 times for the national team. His enormous injury problems have meant that the 34-year-old has managed just 25 starts for four clubs in the last six years. Perhaps, his best spell in football came during his time at Newcastle. Dyer has revealed that he has decided to bring an end to his career because he thought it was the right time to, while he also expressed his non-interest in playing in leagues like MLS and Middle East.

“Since I went up to Newcastle, I’ve been all over the country and I haven’t really had too much quality time with my kids and now I feel that it’s the perfect time. I just think it’s the time. I don’t want to move to America, I don’t want to move to Dubai, they were some of the offers I’ve been getting. I want to stay in Ipswich and spend quality time with my kids. It’s got nothing to do with injuries, nothing to do with money, it’s just I’m content with life,” said Dyer.

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