Connor Wishes Kieron Dyer Luck

Terry Connor has sent his best wishes to Kieron Dyer about his future at Middleborough and he said that as long as Dyer does not return to bite them back he is really happy for him. The former England international came back to Portman Road to have a week in the training session with the senior squad of Town before he joins the Teessiders.

The 34 year old is excited to play for the new team and hopes that he would show the fans and the team how impressive he can be. Connor had lot good to say about Dyer as he was one of his favorite players during his time with the former club and he said that so far he has only spent some time with the youth time and only a session with the first team but there was a general session and he hopes that the players would get to know him in a short period of time.

When asked what Dyer’s activities have been so far he said that Dyer knows the academy director Bryan Klug very well and he also lives in the same area that is why he came and did some training on the first day itself. The other lads are delighted to this addition and hopes that he would be able to fit into the team really well. The one session which Dyer had with the first team made it clear that he wants to spend more time in the field and continue with the game.

Dyer will be returning soon to face his former club in a few days and he feels that it would be quite exciting to see how the fans react when he enters the pitch. The 50 year old coach was quite impressed with him in the session which took place and he thinks that Dyer would do well in his first match for the club.

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