Allardyce Future Decided Next Week

The future of Sam Allardyce will be decided in a week as the board members of the club will have a meeting concerning some of the issues of West Ham. The meeting is going to take place at the house of the co-owner David Sullivan.

After a difficult start of a season, West Ham managed to escape the bottom relegation zone but fans still have not taken a liking to the playing style and tactics that Allardyce utilizes and this is evident by the banners and shouts which can be seen and heard during their home matches.

A survey of 12,392 Hammers fans taken last month saw 77.95 percent vote in favor of Allardyce leaving the East London club this summer. He was booed by home fans after the final whistle of March’s clash against Hull despite winning the match 2-1.

All of this is evidence of the relationship that Allardyce has made towards the fans of the club.
While the future of Sam Allardyce remains undecided, Joe Cole has already left the club and is in search for a new club which he could join.

Joe Cole told talkSPORT: “I’m a free agent now and I’m looking for a new club. My relationship with West Ham is great, but obviously it didn’t work towards the end of this season. I didn’t play enough. So I’m just going to take my time over the summer and find the right fit. At this stage of my career finances are not important for me, I want to enjoy my football, I want to compete and I just want to play more.”

A number of other players in the club are expected to leave as well some new arrivals can improve the squad for the next season but before West Ham can actually start making their move in the summer transfer window, things will have to be settled on whether or not Sam Allardyce remains in charge of the squad or not.

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